5 Ways To Make My Curb Appeal More Pleasant

Curbside appeal is important to make your property outstand over others. It can be the extra push one needs when selling a house or the motivation needed in order to feel proud of where one lives. The windows and doors you have may need updating if your curb appeal could use some work. Perhaps you are looking for ways to increase that “wow factor” without spending too much money on paint or new landscaping.

Here are five ways that will spruce up your curb appeal.

1) Replace the windows

New windows not only increase energy efficiency but oftentimes improve security as well. This can make buyers feel safer about investing, which may lead them to write an offer sooner rather than later. Plus, if you’re looking to sell, windows provide an easy way to increase the resale value of your home.

2) Swap out your front door

While windows are nice and all, many people feel that their house just isn’t complete without a new front door. Replacing a front door is usually not as costly as windows and can improve energy efficiency since doors often let air escape from your home. A new front door will also ensure that passers-by notice there’s something new about your house.

3) Purchase Solar Screens

This little addition to windows and doors alike can do wonders for curb appeal. Solar screens give you the option to filter sunlight into your home while still maintaining that clean look on the outside of your windows or patio doors. Solar screens are great alternatives to awnings, and they’re a lot less expensive as well!

4) Fill in gaps with weatherstripping

If you find that drafts come into your home from windows or doors, then it may be time to take a look at the gaps between those windows/doors and the frames. These areas can be easily filled in using weatherstripping, which can improve insulation as well as look good from outside your home. Weatherstripping isn’t always necessary for windows since they don’t have as much exposure to the wind as doors do.

5) Clean Window Clings

If you use window clings for decoration, then it’s important to clean these regularly so that you can prevent mildewing on windows and doors. Otherwise, windows and doors can develop an unpleasing appearance that will decrease their curb appeal!


Increasing curb appeal of your house is very important. New windows can increase energy efficiency, security, and resale value. Replacing a front door gives the same benefits for less money than windows do. Solar screens filter light into your home while maintaining that clean look on the outside of windows or patio doors. Weatherstripping fills in gaps between windows/doors and frames to improve insulation as well as appearance. It’s important to regularly clean window clings otherwise they can develop an unpleasing appearance that decreases curb appeal.

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