8 Reasons to Hire Soft Washing Services for Your New Home

Owning a home is the best decision that you can make for your loved ones. It allows you to design your rooms as you love and forget about monthly rent.

However, how you maintain your space determines your comfort and regular cleaning is essential. 

Cleaning protects your investment from disease-causing bugs, but also it improves your home’s curb appeal. Soft washing is a favorite cleaning technique among many homeowners, thanks to its many benefits. It is an efficient way to restore, prepare and clean your new home’s exterior.


It is a cost-effective way to clean your home’s exteriors. It has numerous pros that keep homeowners safe and protect the roof and other surfaces from damage. Soft washing can save you tons of dollars in maintenance.


What is Soft Washing?


Soft washing is a cleaning method that incorporates low-pressure cleaning combined with bleaches, soaps, and surfactants. The method effectively cleans exterior surfaces such as patios, roofs, decks, or fences for a new sheen without damaging your home. 


Why hire soft washing services for your new home


1. Fresh look& improved curb appeal


Over time your new home may look shabby due to wear and harsh climates. The former homeowner may also have left stubborn stains and dirt on your countertops.


Therefore, you may need house wash Auckland services to restore the sparkle in your space. This will ensure a clean home exterior and enhanced comfort. The team will use the soft washing method, which alleviates dirt and plant matter that might be taking over. 


2. Saves on water bills


As gentle cleaning utilizes bleaching agents and soaps, you are mistaken if you think it consumes more water than high-pressure cleaning. In fact, the lower the pressure, the less water is utilized during cleaning. High-pressure washing will require more water to remove hard grime and stains. While on the other hand, soft washing will involve chemicals to remove dirt; thus, less water is used to bring a new sheen.


3. Increase your property durability 


Plant matter, grime, and dirt accumulation on your property can lead to significant exterior damage. For example, algae, fungi, and moss can destroy your roof’s shingles, allowing dust or rainwater in.


This can further damage your valuables to an irreparable extent. If you soft-clean your property, you are not just cleaning it. You will also increase the lifespan of sidings such as patios, roofs, and decks by reducing contaminants that can lead to premature aging.


4. Keeps pests at bay


If you have ever encountered pest infestation, you understand how frustrating the experience is. Pests are a tremendous nuisance that poses health risks to people living in your house and the overall home’s structural integrity. Failure to clean your home’s exterior makes room for roaches, rodents, bugs, or any other annoying pests to inhabit.


5. Saves on energy bills


You talk of an eyesore, but you never know how costly a dirty roof is. It can run up your energy bills, mainly during the summer. Dirty roofs tend to be dark in color; thus, they attract excess heat, making your attic heat up. As a result, your interior temperature will increase, forcing you to utilize your air conditioner longer than you could with a clean roof. A soft, cleaned top keeps cooling costs low during the summer, conserving energy usage.


6. Enhances safety 


As you know, harsh weather conditions trigger the growth of plant matter, such as moss, algae, and fungi. If such plant matters pave the way to your home’s interior, they can cause respiratory problems and allergic reactions for you and your loved ones. Therefore if you notice mold in your walls or roof, hire soft washing services. Gentle cleaning will instantly remove growing matters and keep the surface looking new.


7. Reduced risk of falls and injuries


Since there are no ladders with soft cleaning, you will unlikely fall or slip from high positions. This means accident risks and precautions are low. Additionally, the technique utilizes low pressure; therefore, you won’t feel any pain in case water splashes onto your body.


8. Eliminates the need for repainting 


Your new home might have had other occupants before you. This way, you think of restoring its original look through painting. It’s complex to paint surfaces stained and accumulated with grime and dirt. Soft washing comes in handy here! The services will ensure all walls are sparkling, making it easy to achieve new finishes.


Other essential services you can consider for your new home


Your new place is where you’ve decided to stay for years or even your entire life. Now that you have hired soft washing services and everything is in order, it’s not ideal to be satisfied. There are other vital services you can consider for extra safety. Check out a few other services you can invest in.


·       Gutter cleaning 


Although you think your property is sparkling from every corner, you might overlook clogged gutters. Maintaining your gutters is vital to keeping your house safe from potential water distractions.


In most instances, gutters are out of sight and difficult to reach; thus, they can stay unattended for a long. This makes them prone to mold and dirt as time passes. Therefore you must seek gutter cleaning services for complete peace of mind.


·       Roof treatments


Your roof might be sparkling clean but prone to lichen or moss growth. In that case, roof treatment is usually an excellent option. You can hire professional roof experts to apply mold and moss-killing treatments to the roof. Roof treatments take at most three hours to penetrate the roof’s organic materials.


After application, the treatment stays on your top, and mold and moss fall as time passes. It’s the best action, as soft cleaning alone will not permanently remove plant matter. It’s essential you schedule roof treatments after every two years.


Final thoughts 


Owning a new property is an excellent investment and an exciting experience. However, you must ensure everything in your property is organized and in top condition. Knowing that the first step is hiring soft cleaning services. Soft washing services will help restore your curb appeal and leave all your surfaces sparkling. Additionally, soft clean guarantees you quality health and is cost-friendly.

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