Achieving The Best Price When Placing Your Property On The Market

There’s a lot to consider when placing a property on the market. To ensure that it achieves the best potential price, that is, the best return on the owner’s investment, sellers will need to make their house as appealing as possible. While some may be comfortable simply sprucing the interior and ensuring that living spaces are clean, those who go the extra mile will find themselves achieving offers beyond their asking price.

Start With The Front

The facade of your property, that is its exterior, is one of the most important considerations. As with our own relationships, the first impression a home makes on a potential buyer is deeply valuable. Exterior paint should be refreshed to ensure that a home appears bright and colourful, including embellishments such as window sills and door frames too.

Other elements, such as driveways and lawns, should be tended to so as to ensure that they promote the property’s general quality. Adding flowers and tidying shrubs is a small effort that goes a very long way.

Energy Costs

There are certain elements within a property that will come under very close scrutiny. Amid rising energy costs, it is those that affect utility usage and a home’s EPC rating that are earning the most attention. This means windows, doors, and insulation should each be checked before welcoming individuals and groups to view your property.

Ensure that they are free from damage and demonstrate effectiveness at keeping in the warmth. Doing so demonstrates that there will be fewer future costs for buyers in the way of high energy bills or the prospects of renovation to meet more appropriate EPC needs.

Renovate The Garden

Gardens have the potential to appeal to a wide audience. However, their ongoing upkeep and exposure to the elements can also put buyers off. Great efforts should be made to ensure that gardens, as well as outbuildings such as greenhouses, log cabins, and sheds, are in the best condition possible.

This is not only for means of presentation, making a garden space look as beautiful as possible, but also for safety concerns. Any signs of weeds or waterlogging can reduce offers made by buyers as they begin to predict renovation costs.

Roof Quality

Roofs are one of those most expensive and precarious elements of a property to fix. Any damage they do experience often goes unnoticed until homes see the result in the form of leaks, mould, and rot. Before placing a property on the market, sellers should ensure that their roof is in excellent condition.

Not only does this mean checking that tiles are free from damage and that internal eaves and insulation are up to standard but also that drains are clean and free from detritus.

Light And Space

Leaving an impression of spaciousness and brightness is key. Homes that earn the most return on their investment are those that feel spacious and bright. This can be achieved in a number of ways but primarily through clever and optimised design.

Ensure that a home is clear from both mess and personal indicators. While many will believe their decor and furniture contribute to great interior design, they are rarely more valued by buyers than the space they would otherwise present.

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