Appealing Marble Border Designs to Complement Your Flooring

Do you have marble flooring at home? It is certainly one of the best options you can choose for the flooring design of your home. You can use this material in almost every room including your living room, bedroom, and dining room. This is because it has a very sophisticated look and will give your home interiors a luxurious feel. Also, you can create a very calming and soothing atmosphere using this flooring option.

Although most people focus on the design of the marble, they do not pay heed to the marble border design. This may seem like a very trivial part of the marble flooring, but it actually has a huge impact on the overall look of the marble floor design in your home interiors. Not only can you add more visual interest but also separate two different spaces with any partition. There are many different label line designs you can choose for your home. If you are not sure about the best option, here are a few ideas you can consider:

01 of 05 Opt for simplicity with a double-line border

You do not have to think about complicated lines for your marble floor design. Even the simplest options can have a huge impact when done correctly. For instance, a simple double-line border is a simple, but very effective idea. You can opt for this in areas that you want to separate without any partition. For instance, these double lines on the floor will help to separate the dining space from the living space in open-layout homes. Put the furniture inside the line on both sides and use the free space in the centre as a passageway to redefine the separation. People with white marble flooring can choose black lines for a contrasting look. It will add more drama and personality to the space. If you do not like the double-line border, you can choose the single-line border as well.

02 of 05 Choose different types of floor patterns for contrast

A great trick used by experts to elevate the floor design is to contrast it with another one. It will help to add more drama to the room interiors. You can easily do it by adding a bright and colourful pattern to the floor centre and surrounding it with a sober design. The understated surrounding will allow the centre design to get highlighted. This will naturally draw the eyes to the centre of the floor whenever someone enters the room. Therefore, the room will appear more appealing with a touch of elegance.

This kind of design is mostly found in living rooms. This is because the living room furniture pieces are placed in the central area. You can choose any option for this centre pattern on the flooring design of your home. Look for a pattern in a different shade for an appealing look.

03 of 05 Consider a patterned border for the marble flooring

Do you want an intricate and decorative marble floor design in your home interiors? In that case, you can choose a double-line border with patterns between the two lines. This is a very appealing marble flooring line design you can choose for your room. It will give the space an artistic touch and make the space appear visually interesting. People in traditional home designs mostly choose this option.

Experts suggest choosing this floor marble border design when you have engraved designs and carved patterns in the room. They look great together. Other traditional elements, like ornate wooden furniture and intricate decor items, can be added to the interior design of your home as well.

04 of 05 A single marble strip on the floor

You can never go wrong with a single marble strip across the floor. This is a great option if you want to separate two different areas in the room. For instance, you can use a marble strip to border the space between your kitchen and dining room. Or, you can separate your bathtub area in the bathroom and the shower area. Modern homes with open concepts can benefit from this option significantly. Just make sure that you apply a dark colour to the border of the line even if you choose to match the marble border line with the rest of the flooring. Consider matching the colour of your walls with the flooring for a more elegant appearance.

05 of 05 Choose striated marble border in the passageway

You can create a neat and chic look with a striated marble border design. This is perfect for the passageway in your home interiors. This option can be used to border a different coloured marble on the floor or a rug for an appealing look. Experts suggest choosing this border design for floors in the interior design of your home that feature intricate designs and finer colours. You can consider this marble border for many different spaces, like the passage to your washroom or a hall passageway. People use it to border different kinds of marble patterns as well, like an abstract wavy or spotted pattern.

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