Mark Roemer Oakland Gives Brilliant Ways of Decorating Your Home


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, your home is the most important asset, and it needs to look beautiful and show your personality. Let’s check out a few brilliant ideas for decorating your home:

The Details

  1. Use mirrors to light up your room – Mirrors aren’t just mere decoration pieces that show your reflection. They can also be useful tools to change the overall feel of a room. For instance, if you stay in an apartment and have a small living room, you can use large decorative mirrors that have the shape of rectangular doors on one wall. This helps you reflect more light in the room and also makes your small space appear larger.
  1. Add slipcovers – Slipcovers aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you want to make your home more beautiful. Those covers have a bad rep for their cheap price and plan look. However, if used the right way, these covers can help you change the look of your furniture to reflect the seasons or your personality. For instance, if you want to make your furniture more elegant, get white slipcovers and make sure they are taut against the furniture. You can also easily change them without worrying about your couch getting dirty.
  1. Adding hanging cookware holders to the kitchen – Apart from being literally warm, kitchens should be metaphorically warm and investing. You spend a lot of time in the kitchen making your favorite meals and entertaining guests. However, even if you mostly order takeout, kitchens should look like they are always in use and exude an inviting vibe. An easy way to achieve that is by adding a cookware holder.

Cookware holders don’t just add functionality to your kitchen but are available in a bunch of styles and finishes to make your kitchen look amazing. You can also make it match your pots and pans and choose an industrial design or a modern sleep look.

  1. Add some plants – A quick and easy way to add vibrance and life to your home is by adding plants. Apart from the pots and containers, plants don’t cost much. You can also get extremely good-looking pots for cheap if you know where to look. Apart from being beautiful and making you feel one with nature, plants also improve the air quality of your home and balance out the humidity. A home is incomplete without living greens.
  1. Use large rugs – Everyone likes hardwood floors and clean lines on tiled floors. However, sometimes they can look too harsh due to those sharp lines. You can balance it out by adding a few throw rugs in the mix. Throw rugs come in a lot of shades and textures and help you personalize your living space and soften the look exactly the way you want.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you use some of the above-mentioned ideas to decorate your home or at least draw some inspiration from them and come up with your own ideas. Either way, the goal is to make your home look stunning.

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