The Ins and Outs of a Boiler Service

Your boiler is the most important component of your central heating system, and it needs to be serviced annually, if it is to perform at optimum levels. Fortunately, the same company that provides boiler installation in Teignmouth also offers boiler servicing at affordable rates, and this is what a typical boiler service entails.

  1. Thorough Visual Inspection – The heating engineer would carry out a thorough visual inspection of the boiler, looking for signs of corrosion or leaks.
  2. Inspecting the Burner – The burner should have a good element as the flame should be a blue colour, which indicates a lean burn. Should the flame be yellowish, this means the mixture of gas and oxygen is incorrect and the technician can make the necessary adjustments.
  1. Thermostat Check – The thermostat is checked for accuracy, as an inaccurate unit will result in using more fuel than is necessary. In some cases, the engineer would recommend replacing the thermostat, while in other cases, a repair would suffice.
  1. Flue Inspection – The flue is a critical component, as it provides an escape route for toxic fumes, such as carbon monoxide, and the engineer will check that the flue is not obstructed and it firmly attached to the wall.
  1. Checking for Signs of Corrosion – Corrosion is likely to lead to leaks, and whether gas or water, any leak should be repaired as soon as possible.

Once the engineer has checked the boiler completely, he would check each radiator to see that they are heating up correctly. It might be that one or more radiator requires bleeding, as air has managed to enter the pipework.

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