The Most Common Heating And Air Conditioning Problems In Salt Lake City!

Salt Lake City, Utah experiences all sorts of extreme weather patterns in both the winter and summer months, so it’s a region of the country that subsequently requires all sorts of HVAC services.

No home or business owner wants to deal with long-term HVAC issues, so it’s crucial to get these problems addressed as quickly as possible when they come up. We’ve partnered up with the heating and air conditioning salt lake city experts at Beehive Heating & Air to develop this article oriented around the most common HVAC issues plaguing the city, so here are the issues that SLC homeowners need to be on the lookout for!

Air Filter Issues

Air filter issues just might be the most common HVAC problem throughout all of northern Utah, and this is largely because a lot of people forget to replace their air filters on a consistent basis. Failing to replace dirty air filters is kind of like neglecting a car’s oil changes.

It’s generally recommended to replace an HVAC system’s air filter about every 30-60 days, and this is particularly important in dry climates like Salt Lake City. Air filter clogs are also a very common issue in this area, and these issues lead to airflow restrictions that make it more difficult for HVAC systems to function correctly.

Air filter issues come in many different shapes and sizes, so it’s crucial for SLC property owners to remain vigilant about consistently monitoring their air filters!

Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant is a very important chemical that keeps an air conditioner’s air chilly, and refrigerant levels need to remain consistent in order for an AC system to function correctly. Any kind of leak or obstacle within the refrigerant system will create costly issues.

Refrigerant levels aren’t supposed to drop for very long periods of time, so when you are experiencing low refrigerant, it’ll likely mean that your system has a leak somewhere. The good news is that local HVAC technicians will be able to quickly pinpoint the source of these leaks and help you get your system back to normal again within a matter of a few hours!

External Fan Functionality Errors

A malfunctioning external fan can create a lot of different problems to an HVAC system, and this is a very common issue that occurs during the heat of the summer when properties need their air conditioning the most.

External AC fans are responsible for transferring heat from inside a property, and then taking this warm air outside. So when an external fan stops working, it can cause the system’s compressor to overheat and even create safety overloads. This can sometimes lead to AC compressor damages, as well as all sorts of other HVAC internal damages.

This is why it’s absolutely critical to reach out to your local HVAC specialists when you notice that your external fan is no longer running properly!

Thermostat Issues

HVAC thermostats are often improperly set within homes in northern Utah, but there are also many issues that can arise within your system’s thermostat that can mean serious trouble.

A lot of people have trouble adjusting to today’s most tech-savvy thermostats, and this can lead to uncomfortable home temperatures. And when a thermostat is simply malfunctioning, it’ll have a negative ripple effect on your entire system.

Frozen Coils

This is another very common HVAC issue that occurs in Salt Lake City, and it’s usually pretty obvious when a system is experiencing a frozen coil. Your AC system shouldn’t be showing any signs of frost or freezing, and this type of repair job is usually connected to restricted airflow as a result of ductwork issues or dirty air filters. Low refrigerant levels can also contribute to frozen coils.

But no matter what exactly is causing your AC coils to freeze up, this is the type of problem that’ll require an immediate call to your HVAC team.

Faulty Wiring

When an HVAC system has faulty wiring, it can create many different dangerous issues. Most of the time, faulty wiring will result in full-on system malfunctioning.

These problems generally lead to very uncomfortable indoor temperatures, which is what everyone is trying to avoid in northern Utah no matter what time of year it is. But the good news is that your HVAC technicians can inspect your system and let you know where the wiring issues are happening.

Contact The Heating And Air Conditioning Salt Lake City Experts To Learn More About Common HVAC Repairs!

There are many different types of HVAC repairs that commonly occur throughout Salt Lake City and all of northern Utah, and the above list is just the beginning in terms of what property owners need to be on the lookout for.

The heating and air conditioning specialists at Beehive Heating & Air are just a few clicks away when you go through the link at the top of this page, so reach out to their team and let them know what your property’s HVAC system is currently going through!

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