What Can Cause Basement Leaking And Flooding?

Most homeowners feel like their homes are ready to face any weather. But the truth is, the unexpected can happen at any time. Maybe there are extreme weather conditions. Or perhaps one of your home’s pipes is old and bursts out of the blue. There are many causes of basement leaking and flooding. This article discusses some of the most common problems homeowners face. Let’s see what you should pay attention to!

#1 Broken pipes

One of the main factors that can cause basement leaks and flooding are broken pipes. There are many pipes in your basement, which is why you should perform regular maintenance. Pipes in your basement are more prone to damage, especially if they are exposed to increased humidity. Remember that it is hard to establish if you have a damaged pipe. So, requesting professional help is a must. Identifying problems with your pipes in the early stages can prevent water damage to your home.

#2 Leaking walls

When seasons change, your basement walls can experience damage. These can lead to leaks and flooding. For example, hydrostatic pressure leads to cracks in your walls. This means the walls will bow inward, allowing water to enter the basement. Some of the early signs of leaking walls are water stains and increased dampness.

#3 Floor cracks

Another cause of basement leaks and flooding is floor cracks. If there is any damage to your floors, water can seep inside. But there is more! If your basement is damaged, rodents and pests can easily enter. This can lead to a potentially hazardous situation for your family.

#4 Leaking windows

If your basement has windows, these might need regular maintenance. If left unattended, damaged seals can allow water to enter your basement. Remember that basement windows have a unique position. This means water and snow will hit those windows directly. In time, leaks can happen due to normal wear and tear.

#5 Leaking stairwells

Basements with exterior stairwells might cause leaks and structural damage. If these aren’t properly sealed or installed, you risk experiencing water damage. For example, a mismatched hatchway can allow rain to enter your basement regularly. As a result, you might experience a basement leak or flooding.

The bottom line

These are some of the causes of basement leaks and flooding. We recommend you discuss this with a basement waterproofing expert. He will assess your property and suggest the best steps to take to avoid serious damage to your home. Your basement is a key element and needs proper care. Basement waterproofing is the go-to solution to prevent health hazards and water damage to your property.

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