8 Questions answered about the Shoe Rack in your House

While going out, you are always keen to put your best foot forward, right? Footwear plays a prominent role in your dressing up. So, keeping that footwear in a good place, in a good shape is important. Also, who doesn’t love to wear different footwear on different occasions? Sneakers, sports shoes, high heels, stilettoes, crocs, boots, flip-flops, sandals…name it and you have it.

Generally, when we go to someone’s home, we keep our footwear at the side of the door. Our guests also do the same. But this practice makes the space dirty. Keeping footwear in the open is neither visually appealing, not good for health. That’s precisely why having a stylish and functional shoe rack or a shoe stand is of utmost importance in a house.

Why is a shoe rack a must-have in a house?

  • A shoe rack or a shoe cabinet stores your footwear properly and keeps it in good condition.
  • A shoe stand with tiers and shelves keeps your footwear in an organized way
  • A shoe rack is ideal for space management, especially in a compact home
  • IT maintains the hygiene of your house and since shoes stay in an enclosed unit
  • The arrangement is time-saving since your shoes are stored in one place and you can find them easily
  • An aesthetically designed, stylish shoe stand or a shoe rack adds value to your home decor and keeps your space looking neat

What is the correct placement of a shoe rack in the house?

According to Vastushastra, footwear is part of the earth category. Hence their height should be close to the earth. A shoe cupboard or a shoe shelf should not be very tall, or else it may affect the health of the family.

Vastushastra tells us not to keep the shoe cabinet near the entrance. It is believed that the door is the gateway to prosperity and it should not be cluttered by the presence of the footwear. The shoe stands should not be placed near the kitchen or the prayer room as well. 

What are some types of shoe stands?

To be frank, different people have different tastes. Some prefer practical solutions, while others crave aesthetic appeal. Some want their shoe rack to be just a shoe rack, while others won’t mind a multi-utility shoe shelf.

There are various types of shoe stands available in the market. Depending on various materials, designs, sizes, and finishes, shoe racks can be divided into different types as follows.

  • Free-standing shoe stand with tiers and shelves
  • Closed shoe cabinet with doors and shelves
  • Wall-mounted shoe rack suitable for compact spaces
  • Over-door shoe rack which can be hung over a bedroom or closet door
  • Wide and user-friendly shoe shelf with seats
  • Wooden shoe rack

Define your needs, choose as per the size of your house, your liking, the style of your interior decoration, and order your favourite shoe rack online.

Why is a wooden shoe rack an all-time favourite?

You will agree that nothing beats the charm and distinction of a wooden shoe rack. There are many reasons why a wooden shoe rack is preferred by discerning people. A wooden shoe rack is made from a high-quality wood such as mango wood, cane wood, and so on.

You will love its look, appreciate its sturdiness, and will be floored by its durability. Plus, a wooden shoe rack price is also very reasonable. If you are looking for a shoe rack with captures your imagination and matches your aesthetic taste, buy a perfectly elegant wooden shoe rack online.

What factors should be considered before buying a shoe rack?

  • Check out the number and types of pairs of shoes or sandals you have. This will enable you to define the size of the shoe rack.
  • Ensure that the shoe rack design is suitable for your home decor.
  • If your shoe rack is near the entrance door, choose a slimmer one.
  • If you own heels or strappy sandals which you have to tie up with your hand, go for a shoe cabinet with a seat.
  • If your shoe cupboard is placed outside the house, buy one with a lock, to keep your footwear safe.
  • If space-saving is your priority, do smart space management. Choose a wall-mounted metal shoe rack.
  • If you have many types of footwear, a shoe cupboard is a right choice.

 Why is a shoe cabinet with a seat a preferred choice?

Is comfort and convenience your choice? Then go for a shoe cabinet with a seat. Some people have a signature collection of shoes, some of which may require the use of hands for putting them on. A stiletto or a box heel is delicate footwear to handle. In such a situation, a seat provides comfort and convenience, both. For senior citizens, it is a great relief as well.

Can shoe rack be used for other purposes?

Definitely. A multi-purpose and creative shoe rack is a great storage solution. You can choose a design that is in sync with your decor. A combination of the closed cabinet, a shoe rack with drawers, detachable seat, can work wonders for your interior. Buy a shoe rack that works as a storage unit. Or order a shoe cabinet online to help accentuate the beauty of your home.

What are some tips for shoe storage?

For frequently used shoes, open storage like a shoe shelf is preferable. It allows air ventilation and keeps your shoes dampness-free and dry. For long-term storage go for a shoe cabinet with doors. Keep your expensive or vintage footwear in boxes and put the boxes in the cabinet, for better protection. Add packets of silica gel to your shoe cabinet to remove dampness. Do not forget to compare the shoe rack price of various companies to get a better choice.

To sum up, shoes are your hardest working accessories. Make them your prized possessions, by keeping them neat and wearable for years to come. Order a perfect shoe stand online to add value to your house.

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