Listing the most durable roofing materials out there

For whoever is trying to build a house or is looking forward to the construction of their future home, our article might prove to be very helpful. In it, we’ll be listing a few roofing materials (in no particular order) but with accordance to their reputation and statistics of being the most durable options out there.


It’s no surprise to see metal on the list of the most durable materials. It is used because of its amazing properties that are capable of withstanding strong forces and a great price. Metal is also wind and fire resistant, making it a great choice for roofing.

There’s also energy efficiency which is super important for a modern home. Almost all contractors appreciate metal roofs because they’re reasonably quick and easy to install. In many countries, metal sheet roofs are the most popular option due to the low price but very solid durability ratings.

Clay tiles

In general, you will have at least a few different tile material options to choose from. But, at the top of the list you have to put clay (ceramics). These types of tiles have been around for centuries and has been a premier choice for Europeans and lots of Americans who prefer an authentic as well as timeless charm to their homes. Clay tiles offer elegance and charm. However, as a roofing material – it’s quite heavy and requires quite a significant slope on the roof to be fixed. There’s also the higher price tag. Nevertheless, clay tiles are extremely durable and last up to a century, if maintained properly.

Shingles (asphalt)

Once again, this roofing material is durable, yet quite inexpensive, proving to be a fan-favorite amongst many homeowners. Cost-effective but also quite resistant to the threats of the outside elements, like water, fire and wind, asphalt shingles are amongst the top options for roofing material across Europe and the United States. Snow and hailstorms aren’t a problem either. Once again, if properly installed and maintained, these roofs can last a few decades.

Wood Shake

Regular wood is quite nice on its own, however, it doesn’t have the best properties against moisture (water) and, of course, isn’t fire retardant. Wood shake addresses some of these issues by offering better insulating properties and better protection against moisture. Wood shake roofs are thicker than regular wooden roofs and can last around 30-45 years, when maintained properly.

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