Different Types of Dining Room Styles

Gone are the days when adding a dining table and a few chairs made the dining room design complete. In modern homes, dining room designs are created based on a theme. It helps to make the dining room design more appealing and stylish. There are many options available that you can consider for your dining room idea. You can choose anyone based on your preferences. Just make sure that they complement the design of the rest of the areas, like your kitchen and living room design. If you are not aware of the different types of dining room designs, here are a few popular options you can consider:

01 of 04 A formal dining room design

A formal dining room is a timeless option that you can choose for your home interiors. It has a stylish yet very elegant look that people love. Always opt for an elegant dining table set that is matching the rest of the elements in the room. Mostly, a rectangular table is chosen for this formal dining room idea. However, a round and oval will look great as well. Stick to dark wood for the baseboards and trim. It has a more formal appeal compared to other options. Also, keep your beautiful collections on display. They can include your china plate set, glassware set, crockery set, etc. Invest in a china cabinet for them up on display. In case you add other furniture pieces besides the dining set, look for options that feature classic lines with sculptural details. Hang a beautiful crystal chandelier above the table to illuminate the space and add more visual appeal. However, make sure that the chandelier is not appearing too big or too small for the space. Also, you must pay attention to the height of the ceiling before buying a chandelier. It is better to skip a chandelier in rooms with a low ceiling.

02 of 04 A traditional dining room design

If you want a warm setup that makes you feel invited, you should opt for a traditional dining room design. Its intimate setup demands a smaller dining table. Experts recommend sticking to a round table for this dining room design as its round shape encourages more conversations. You will not have to stick to dark wood only for a casual setup. Light-coloured wood is acceptable as well. Make sure that the furniture pieces feature soft lines and more curves for a casual appearance. You must add a china cabinet for displaying a few decor pieces like your mom’s wedding set or treasured heirloom pieces. They will add a more personal touch to the dining room design. Also, consider mixing and matching a few pieces instead of sticking to just one style if you want a casual feel.

03 of 04 A farmhouse dining room design

A farmhouse dining room or living room design has an informal feel. However, it does not focus on creating a very intimate setup as well. The farmhouse style focuses more on functionality and creates a space that is particularly for eating. Give your dining room design a sense of stability by bringing in a few heavy rustic furniture pieces. They should not be painted so that the grain of the wood stays visible. It gives the interiors a stylish and more detailed look. In case you want to opt for a painted option, stick to white. Although most dining room setups feature chairs, you can consider replacing a few chairs with a bench. It is one of the trademarks of a farmhouse dining room design. When choosing the colours, you should stick to muted tones of greys, blues, and greens.

Some pieces in the dining room show signs of wear and tear to give the interiors a lived-in look. You can opt for a few vintage pieces that will accentuate the space. Also, only natural materials should be used, like cotton and linen.

Placing a vase with flowers in the centre of the table is a brilliant idea. It will allow you to add more natural material and give the interiors a beautiful colourful look. People will feel more invited to your dining room decor.

04 of 04 A cottage-style dining room design

People looking for a dining room that has a feel of hominess can consider the cottage-style dining room. In this dining room, you will find softer colours and lines. Always ensure that you choose comfortable furniture pieces that will promote long conversations. Make sure that the pieces in your dining setup match like a formal dining room. However, these do not feature captain chairs that you will find in formal dining rooms.

This design has a welcoming vibe and often features repurposed or vintage pieces. You can complement them by adding floral patterns. Well-worn furniture and fixtures are great for complementing the casual feel.

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