Painting Tips – How To Give Your Home A New Color During Quarantine

Have you ever thought about making the most of your time and giving your home a new color during quarantine? Putting your home improvement project into practice, investing in painting tips has never been so conducive.

After all, if we stop to think about why we always postpone that renovation in environments, we will almost always come across a single answer: lack of time! In the face of the pandemic caused by COVID-19, one of the ways considered the most therapeutic to deal with this fact is to renovate the house’s look. And, of course, Oahu Pro Painters will help you in this mission, even here, from afar.

In today’s post, we gathered painting tips and essential suggestions on applying a different color to the walls during quarantine. All with maximum security to keep you and your family protected. Want to know how to paint your house and get your hopes up? Then find out below!

Thinking about making you much happier inside your home and bringing a motivating element capable of making you face the pandemic with greater disposition, here we selected some special painting tips:

Prepare The Walls And Environments

It’s not enough to choose a color or a painting style and get your hands dirty. Above all, the secret of a good painting lies in the moment that precedes it. That is, in the correct preparation of the walls and environments that will be painted.

This means that:

  • It will be necessary to treat the walls, cover cracks, apply putty, sanding and leave the walls clean
  • Solve issues such as the presence of mold, humidity, and possible leaks
  • Empty the rooms of the house as much as possible
  • Cover floors with tarps, cardboard, etc
  • Cover furniture, utensils, and objects in general
  • Isolate the parts that should not be painted using masking tape, etc

Gather all the tools

  • Paint can of the chosen color or colors;
  • Brushes;
  • rolls;
  • Extension cable;
  • crepe tape;
  • Tarpaulins, plastics, and old newspapers;
  • Cap;
  • Old clothes;
  • Cloth to clean possible ink drips;
  • Tray to put ink;
  • Paint mixing cable;
  • Protective goggles;
  • Stairs

Choose The Perfect Brand And The Ideal Color

When choosing a paint brand, pay special attention to those already established in the market. From carpentry contractors honolulu, Hi, you will find, for example, only the best and with excellent quality. With this, you can be sure that you have chosen the perfect product with the best cost-benefit ratio.

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