How to Choose the Right General Contractor for Your Project?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a general contractor. Whether you’re remodeling an old home or building a new one, experience is of the utmost importance. Look for a contractor with several years of industry experience. Be wary of new contractors who give you a lowball quote, as these can lead to costly overruns. You should also ask about the general contractor’s reputation, references, and key subcontractors.

Check a contractor’s BBB profile.

Before hiring a general contractor, check their BBB profile for your project. The BBB is an organization that promotes trust in business. The organization’s standards of quality, integrity, and customer service are important factors when hiring a contractor for a project. Moreover, BBB members have fewer complaints and higher customer satisfaction. You can also check their BBB profiles by visiting the HomeHQ page or

Contact former clients

You may wonder how to choose the best general contractor for your project. One way to get a good idea of a contractor’s work is to contact their past and current clients. Past customers and clients can offer firsthand information about the quality of a contractor’s work, professionalism, and price range. In addition, before hiring a contractor, you should know the estimated timeline for the project and how long it will take.

Once you have a list of several contractors, you should meet with three of them. Make sure you communicate well with each candidate. Ask to see samples of their work. Also, ask for references. When contacting their former clients, call and ask them about their experience working with the contractor. You should also ask them to bring a portfolio of their work. If possible, call and talk to the clients of each candidate.

Check a contractor’s reputation.

It is imperative to check a general contractor’s reputation before hiring them for your project. Although not all complaints are related to bad acts, it is a good idea to be aware of any lawsuits a contractor may have. Some reputable contractors have no history of cases and can sell premium pricing in their name alone. Also, working with nationally recognized contractors can lead to publishing, award, and media opportunities. The benefits of working with a renowned contractor will depend on your budget and desired level of exposure. Some contractors may have special licensing that can take your project to the next level, putting your structures in their exclusive database.

You can also ask a general contractor’s past clients for references and feedback on the work they have done for them. First, check whether the project has been on time and within budget. Ask references to see whether a contractor followed through on promises and how they handled roadblocks. Lastly, ask for references and a list of subcontractors. You can also ask references how satisfied they were with the general contractor’s communication, quality and price.

Find a contractor with a solid reputation.

To find a reputable contractor, check out online sources. You can find customer reviews and ratings at HomeAdvisor, Yelp, and Angie’s List. However, you must remember to check the references. Check out the contractor’s payment history as well. Is the contractor late with payments? If so, this is a red flag. Also, be sure to ask about the project manager.

Visiting a contractor’s previous projects is a great way to learn about their work history. If you can’t visit the sites, contact past owners of those projects to get a sense of their work quality and style if you can see these projects in person, too. It is always better to deal with a contractor with a solid reputation. If unsure, contact the BBB and get references from previous clients.

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