Three Issues of Distressed Rug To Be On The Lookout For!

We’ve all seen distressed apparel before, including popular options like jeans, jackets and boots. But what a lot of people are starting to get into these days are Distressed rugs, and there certainly is a lot to love about this rug style!

The main benefit of investing in a distressed rug for your home’s décor is that you’ll essentially obtain the same aesthetics of an antique Persian or Oriental rug at a fraction of the cost, but there are some drawbacks that rug shoppers should simply keep an eye out for when they’re interested in this ever-growing home décor trend.

We’ve luckily partnered up with experienced rug industry experts at Rug Source, Inc. to help us develop this list of common issues that are sometimes found within low-budget distressed rugs. So take our advice from the rug specialists at Rug Source in that the following issues may be present while you’re shopping for your next distressed rugs in-person or online!

There are many potential side effects associated with distressed rugs that rug shoppers should know, including the following:

It’s Possible For The Rug’s Quality To Be Hindered

There are sometimes some detrimental side effects associated with a rug manufacturer’s process of obtaining a distressed appearance on a wool rug, and there can sometimes be scenarios in which the rug’s wool is actually ruined.

This is mainly due to the harsh chemicals that are often used during the distressing stages, and these chemicals can often become absorbed into a rug’s interior fibers and subsequently deteriorate the wool layers.

So even though the rug’s appearance may be faded like it’s supposed to be, the rug’s quality might also be deteriorated. This means that some low-quality distressed rugs are more likely to wear out as compared to other rug styles.

Abnormal Chemical Smells

Because distressing area rugs often requires the use of chemical dyes, it’s possible for these chemical odors to linger within the rug’s fabric. This will then leave your home with an industrial smell that isn’t necessarily what you’ll want within your home!

These smells are why many rug outlets will recommend that you leave a distressed rug outside for a certain amount of time so it can air out, but it’s still possible for some distressed rugs to have a lingering smell that lasts a little while after purchasing them.

This is why it’s sometimes risky to shop for distressed rugs online, because you won’t be able to tell which rugs smell weird and which don’t.

Distressed Rugs Are Sometimes Susceptible To Stains & Dirt

Most wool rugs are made to be extremely durable, but this durability is sometimes hindered when the rug is distressed for aesthetic purposes. This subsequently means that distressed rugs are often more susceptible to all sorts of wear and tear and staining issues.

Instead of repelling stains, distressed rugs can sometimes absorb spills and make them harder to clean!

Tips For When You Already Own A Distressed Rug

Even though there are some potential drawbacks to distressed rugs that rug shoppers should simply know about, it’s safe to say that they’re one of the hottest home décor trends throughout the United States right now.

This means that it’s likely that you already own a distressed rug, and if you do, then you should follow the below tips to keep them safe:

  • Put your distressed rugs in low-traffic household areas
  • Be extra stain-careful while around your distressed rugs
  • Keep distressed rugs away from pets and kids and in rooms with good ventilation

Contact The Rug Source Specialists To Learn About Their Distressed Rugs!

Low-quality distressed rugs can sometimes pose problems to rug shoppers, but high-quality distressed rugs are a whole different story. This is why it’s so important to put your distressed rug shopping in the hands of experienced professionals that know what they’re doing and understand how to properly distress area rugs for long-term durability.

You can learn more about distressed rugs by going through the hyperlink at the beginning of this article that goes directly to the Rug Source distressed rug webpage!

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